Listings: Dentist


Active, unrestricted US dental license

Excellent communication skills
CPR certification

Minimum 2 years clinical experience


Full Job Description

Welcome to the internet age of dentistry! We are a rapidly growing company focused on telehealth emergency dental services. We provide visual examinations using videoconference technology and then prescribe medications as appropriate for the patient. No controlled substances are prescribed. Ever.Once the patient has been examined by you, our online, virtual dentist for palliative care, they will be referred back to their regular dentist for definitive care. is literally a dental practice in the cloud. Think of a traditional dental practice, you have the lobby, reception, front desk, insurance verification, claims processing and the actual back office where the dentists do their work. With these different facets of the practice are now operated using different aspects of the app that serve each of these functions. Just as people enter the front of the office and are greeted by the reception in patients enter the app from anywhere, via internet enabled devices. These different aspects must be mastered in order to successfully operate your portal.

Please note, you must document your notes and interactions with patients just as you would in a traditional brick and mortar dental practice, you must document your notes and interactions with patients examined through the app.

These Are The Most Common Questions
We Get Asked From General Dentists:

Teledentistry is a group of licensed general dentists who diagnose routine, non-emergency dental problems via the telephone or video. Teledentists recommend treatment and prescribe medication (when appropriate) over the telephone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to patients. provides services to patients of all ages. Our dentists determine the best age ranges for them to treat based upon their comfort level and the complexity of the dental issue.

Teledentistry offers services to both large and small corporations, unions, third party administrators, Insurance Companies, and the retail market.

Each dentist accepted to join the group is hired as a contract employee through All contract employees receive a 1099 annually.

Our dentist work their own hours. If you don’t pick up a consult when we contact you, it rolls to the next state licensed dentist. You can work as little or as much as you like!

If follow-up care is required, the dentist will recommend the patient see a local general dentist or visit an urgent care setting.

We do not provide benefits at this time. All dentists who sign with us are 1099 independent contractors and as such are responsible for their own insurance and licensure fees. 

Yes. requires each patient complete a medical history disclosure prior to consult.

Core Values


We pursue creative ideas that have the potential to contribute towards our mission and the greater good.



We respect and encourage diversity in employment.



We encourage employees to take initiative,give their best, and to treat challenges as opportunities to grow.



We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our actions, decisions, and communications.