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Delta Dental – Virtual Visits

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Delta Dental – Virtual Visits

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Now you can get 24/7 virtual dental care through Delta Dental – Virtual Visits when your dentist is not available.

Available to members of Delta Dental of Virginia.

It’s safe.

Teledentistry is included in your existing dental coverage and counts as an oral examination under your plan. It’s a safe and effective way to receive care and avoid the emergency room. You can use Delta Dental – Virtual Visits when:

Or call our 24/7 at: (866) 256-2101

It’s easy.

You can conveniently access this service from your home with the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer with audio/visual capabilities.

Simply follow these four easy steps:

Step 1

Visit the Delta Dental – Virtual Visits patient portal

Step 2

Fill out your e-documents

Step 3

Take photos of the problem area

Step 4

Connect with a dentist and begin your consultation dentists provide initial consultation services and can write prescriptions when appropriate. You will be referred to a Delta Dental network dentist for definitive diagnosis and treatment.

After the initial consultation –

The dentist will email consultation notes to your Delta Dental network dentist for further treatment. If you have not established care with a Delta Dental network dentist, with your authorization, will refer you to an in-network dentist.

This service supplements your current plan coverage and should be used after business hours, on holidays and weekends, or when your regular dentist is unavailable.

Note: a teledentistry visit is counted as an oral examination under your plan. The copay depends on your plan. Check your plan details here:

Questions? Click here to download the teledentistry guide for more information.

Need help? Call our 24/7 at: (866) 256-2101

This service is available to Delta Dental of Virginia members.

Need help?

Call our 24/7 hotline at:

(866) 243-2014

Delta Dental of Missouri does business in South Carolina as Delta Dental of South Carolina.

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