24×7 Live Call Answering Service and Webchat

Boost patient retention and user engagement on your website Day or night, rain or shine, 365 days a year. Our dentists are at the ready to help your practice keep its cutting edge with the most advanced technology.

Heavy backup to your front desk, at a fraction of the cost

Your patients are in good hands. When your traditional front desk team gets overwhelmed with calls, our technology will connect the overflow calls to a readily available call center agent. Our intelligent routing system will then direct the patient to a dentist who can answer any questions the patient may have, advise accordingly and even e-prescribe medications if you are slammed with patients in the office. Imagine having an on demad associate right when you need him most.

Now you do with Teladentistry

Live Answering. Always.

Unavailable? Not in our vocabulary. We never clock out. 24/7 means 24/7/365

Sleep Tight

Rest easy after hours. We can take a message or contact the oncall dentist

Capture Every Lead

No lead is getting past us. We’re the ultimate
sales wingman.

While You Were Out

It’s okay to leave! We’ll get your messages to you, wherever you are.

Focus on Your Core

We’ve got your calls. You focus on
what matters most.

Ditch the Voicemail

When it comes to making meaningful
connections, humans trump robots.


We know the ins and outs of handling
sensitive medical information.

Save a Tree

We’re a sustainable business. Get exceptional
service you can feel great about.

Hold My Calls/Vacation patient management

Busy? In Hawaii at a conference? Tap us in!
Our on demand dentists got your back.

Get Notified via Email

Your messages straight to your inbox.
We’ll email you instantly.

No tranining required

No tranining required for your front desk and no costly installation of programs.
just plug and play!


Teladentistry bringing modern tech to your practice