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Michigan Meridian partners with DentaQuest and Teledentistry.com to help its members get the dental care they need. Regular checkups help keep your smile healthy!

Virtual Dental Visit

Virtual Dental Visit
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Teledentistry is a secure and quick way to see a dentist without leaving your home. It could also help you avoid a visit to the emergency room.

Use DentaQuest Virtual Dental Visits when you:

Caries Risk Assessment

The caries risk assessment is an easy survey for you to review how you are taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums.
After you finish the assessment, you may have questions for your dentist. Schedule an appointment with a virtual dentist to help answer questions you may have about oral health.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride is a mineral that reduces cavities and can improve your oral health. Get a Fluoride varnish kit sent directly to your home.

The varnish dries fast and adds a protective layer on your teeth. It is important for people that have a high risk of dental caries.

Schedule an appointment with a virtual dentist and get the kit mailed directly to you.

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