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Are you in need of Emergency Dental Care due to a dental emergency and need a dentist who accepts Medicaid? We can help! We are the leading Medicaid Emergency Dentist available 24/7.

Our goal is to provide 24/7 Emergency Dentist services to all medicaid patients in various part of the United States.

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Consult Covered by Medicaid and Medicare

State Licensed Dentist Available 24/7

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How It Works

1. For immediate assistance call (866) 740-4022

2. Fill out the patient form and then videoconference with a live dentist.

3. Our dentist will send e-prescriptions directly to a pharmacy.  (No controlled substances!)

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Are you in Reno, Nevada or Las Vegas, Nevada and are looking for an Emergency Dentist in Reno or an Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas? Call us to and we can help you with Emergency Dental Services needs.

If you have medicare dental insurance or are looking for an Emergency medicaid dentist in Las Vegas or anywhere in Nevada, we can assist you. is the leading Emergency Dental Care Provider focused on Emergency Dental Services. Our vast list of Medicaid Dental providers can help all members with medicaid dental insurance and medicare dental insurance. Contact us right away for immediate assistance! Our Emergency Dentists are available to help!

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