Increasing efficiency in Emergency Rooms

By deploying our rolling cart or stationary kiosks, Emergency rooms can send triaged patients to our dentists who are a click away. 

Contracted with medicaid in multiple states

One of our goals at is to assist Emergency room in being properly utilized. Patients who visit the ER with non-traumatic dental emergencies can easily be seen by a Teledentist who will prescribe the appropriate medications and refer the patient out to a local dentists. 

Our system is accepted by Medicaid in multiple states and is used to help patients with their dental emergencies. 

By using our proprietary technology, can assist overburdened hospital and government systems by getting patients the care they need quickly and efficiently. All while saving the system millions of dollars

Happier Patients, massive cost savings

By deploying our kiosk system, an emergency room that has a heavy medicaid population can quickly turn to our technology to help alleviate the burden of a crowded waiting room. 

We work with medical professionals for proper usage of an emergency room’s valuable resources. By diverting patients with non-traumatic dental emergencies we help save government systems millions of tax payer dollars. 

We Improve efficiencies for

  Emergency rooms

  Waiting room times

  Patient experience

  ER doctor time 

   An optimized triage process

   A Referral to local dentist for proper discharge