Frequently Asked Questions

For Patients:

We get you connected with a live State Licensed dentist. They then can provide you pain relief recommendations, including the appropriate (non-opioid) medications if necessary. If your situation needs an in office visit, we’ll refer you to an office for follow up care.

On average, we get you connected with a live state licensed dentist with in 3min. 

The out of pocket cost for a TeleDentistry virtual visit is just $49 but in many cases this cost is covered by your dental insurance.

We do accept many insurance providers nationwide. We will also provide information on how to file a reimbursement.  Here’s more information

For Practices: can be implemented into your practice to easily offer 24 hour care, optimize workflow, and differentiate you from your competitors. You can learn more here.

In most cases you absolutely can! We’ve even put together a TD Billing Codes Quick Reference Guide for your convenience. 

After working with hundreds of practices, our customer success team has put together several practice pro tips for each of our users. is just $149/m, no long term contract, and unlimited providers!

Of course, you can book a 100% free live platform demo here.

For Teledentistry Network Dentists:

We’d love to have you join our team. Here is a link to request your TD application. You can find more details about our onboarding process here.

The platform was designed with ease of use in mind for both patients and doctors. When a patient requests a consultation, you will receive a text and email notification. The first network dentist to click the link is awarded the exam. When the patient has finished filling out the E-document, you are notified that the patient is in the “waiting room,” and by clicking the “Join Consultation” button, you are connected virtually to perform your oral examination.  It’s that simple. 
Upon acceptance into the panel of network providers, all doctors are provided user manuals, a platform demo, and one-on-one walk-throughs with our team when requested.