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Experience unparalleled access to virtual dental care with Teledentistry.com, serving Access Dental dental insurance holders. Our service ensures Access Dental dental providers are always available, whether for urgent needs or routine consultations.

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24/7 Virtual Dental Care for Access Dental Members:

Teledentistry.com provides Access dental insurance holders with unmatched access to virtual dental care. Whether you need an emergency appointment or a routine consultation, our service guarantees that Access Dental care experts are available for you at all times.

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Access Dental Virtual Dental Services

Ease of Booking

Schedule appointments with an Access dental provider through our platform for immediate 24/7 dental care.

Emergency Services

Get immediate attention for dental emergencies, even when your regular Access dental providers near me are not available.

After-Hours Care

Our service extends beyond typical business hours, making Access Dental coverage work for you around the clock.

Specific Dental Emergencies

Our Services

Assessment: Quick and reliable assessment of your dental situation by an Access dentist via Teledentistry.com.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our services are covered under most Access Dental plans, including Access Medicaid dental plans.

Accessible Care: With Teledentistry.com, find an Access Dental provider near you effortlessly, anytime.


Call Us For Immediate Assistance

Dial (866) 963-1657 for
round-the-clock service.

Provide your Access member ID and basic information.

A Teledentistry.com dentist will be available for immediate consultation.


Follow these easy steps to get started

Desktop based system for getting access to a emergency dentist

Step 1

Visit the Portal: Go to the Access Virtual Dental Visits patient portal.

At Teledentistry.com we use existing smartphone technology to quickly connect you with an emergency dentist available in your state.

Step 2

Create an Account: Sign up utilize your Access accepting dental care services.

Medical dental questionnaire for getting a consult from an emergency dentist

Step 3

Complete Required Forms: Fill in the necessary details for a comprehensive view of your dental health.

24 7 Emergency Dentist

Step 4

Schedule Your Consultation: Choose a convenient time to speak with an Access dentist via Teledentistry.com.

After the Consultation

After the Consultation

Follow-Up Care: Teledentistry.com dentists will provide initial consultation and prescribe necessary treatments. Access emergency dental care guidelines are followed to ensure seamless coordination of further treatment.

What Our Patients Say

The experiences shared by our patients powerfully testify to the exceptional quality and dependability of our services.

Finding an emergency dentist 24/7 near me was super easy with Access Dental insurance. The virtual consultation was quick and relieved my pain immediately!

Jordan M.

My Access Dental care plan truly came through when I needed urgent care. The Teledentistry.com service was seamless and very professional.

Sarah L.

I was skeptical about virtual dental care, but my experience with Access dental changed my mind. Very quick service and totally reliable service from Teledentistry and their emergency dentist who patiently heard and gave me the best treatment possible

Keith R.

The dentist on call in my area provided through the Access Dental provider search was a lifesaver during my dental emergency. Highly recommend their 24/7 service!

Emily V.

I never knew how convenient my Access Medicaid dental plan could be until I used Teledentistry.com. Accessing dental care 24/7 has never been easier.

Carlos D.

These testimonials are a glimpse of the many lives we've touched through our dedicated 24 hr dental near me services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Dental insurance and Teledentistry.com work together to provide quick and effective dental emergency care. This collaboration helps you obtain competent dental care around-the-clock, particularly in emergency situations, by enabling quick virtual consultations with a dentist.

You can benefit from 24/7 access to dental care by using Teledentistry.com with your Access Dental coverage. This service includes emergency consultations, routine check-ups, and the ability to find Access Dental providers near you at any time, all covered under most Access Dental plans.

Yes, Teledentistry.com services are covered with Access Medicaid dental plans. This means that if you have Access Medicaid dental coverage, you can access the full range of teledentistry services, including emergency consultations and routine care.

In a dental emergency, if you’re covered by Access Dental insurance, immediately call (866) 963-1657 for round-the-clock assistance or use Teledentistry.com to connect with an Access dentist. They will provide a quick assessment and guide you on the next steps, adhering to Access emergency dental care guidelines.

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