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Teledentistry is already included in your existing dental coverage.*

Greetings from the Aflac dentistry family! With its extensive dental policies, Aflac dental insurance is dedicated to offering the best possible dental plans. We provide a variety of Aflac dental policy alternatives to meet your needs because we believe that high-quality dental treatment should be both accessible and affordable. Prepare to discover the world of Aflac dental providers and take advantage of our broad coverage.

How Aflac Works for You

Facing a dental issue? Aflac dental care services offer immediate assistance, ensuring your peace of mind.

Aflac online dental consultations provide a simple means of addressing your dental concerns with knowledgeable professionals.

You can count on Aflac dental coverage to provide you with superior dental care and customized guidance based on your individual needs.

Aflac Dental Offering

Aflac’s dental insurance plans are made to accommodate a range of dental requirements. The benefits of Aflac dental insurance cover a broad range of treatments, from normal dental care to emergency dental services. We provide versatile and cost-effective solutions as part of our Aflac dental plan coverage, guaranteeing all of our members receive comprehensive care.

Why Choose UNUM Teledentistry

Extensive Coverage

Aflac Dental members enjoy uninterrupted and extensive coverage to dental care, regardless of the time or place.

Expert Care Online

With the help of our cutting-edge teledentistry technology, our network of Aflac dental practitioners is prepared to deliver professional dental care.

Affordable Care Options

With Aflac dental insurance cost in mind, we strive to provide affordable yet comprehensive dental plans for our members.

After the Consultation

TeleDentistry.com dentists provide initial consultation services* and can write non-narcotic prescriptions** when appropriate. The TeleDentistry.com dentist will email consultation notes to your Aflac network dentist for further treatment. If you do not have a Aflac dentist, TeleDentistry.com will refer you to an in-network dentist with your authorization.

Teledentistry is meant to supplement your current dental plan and should be used after business hours, on holidays and weekends, or when experiencing a dental emergency and your regular dentist is not available. A teledentistry visit is counted as one oral examination under your plan.*

Need more help? Call 24/7 at:

*TeleDentistry.com services are only available to current Aflac members. A TeleDentistry.com consultation counts as a problem-focused exam (D0140) under your dental plan.

**E-prescriptions are not available internationally.

What Our Patients Say

The experiences shared by our patients powerfully testify to the exceptional quality and dependability of our services.

As someone who's always on the go, Aflac's dental insurance benefits have been invaluable. I appreciate their commitment to providing quality dental care no matter where I am.

Daniel M.

I chose Aflac for their wide network of dental providers. They've delivered beyond my expectations. The process of finding a dentist and getting my treatment covered was seamless.

Samantha K.

For my family, the dental plan offered by Aflac has been invaluable. Aflac has supported us through two dental emergencies with complete understanding. Impressive turnaround times and a smooth claim filing process have been observed.

Mike J.

I was worried about the cost of dental insurance, but Aflac's plans are very budget-friendly. Their coverage options gave me the flexibility to choose what worked best for me.

Rachel P.

I had no idea how simple getting dental care might be until I joined Aflac. Their dental insurance is reasonably priced and offers extensive coverage. When I had inquiries regarding my policy, the customer support staff was really beneficial.

Laura B.

I needed urgent dental care while traveling, and Aflac's dental emergency services were a lifesaver. They helped me find a local provider quickly and took care of the costs as per my policy.

Henry T.

Signing up with Aflac was one of the best decisions for my dental health. Their customer service is top-notch, and the benefits from my dental plan are excellent. I especially appreciate the preventive care coverage.

Angela W.

These testimonials are a glimpse of the many lives we've touched through our dedicated 24 hr dental near me services.

Join Aflac Dental for quality dental care tailored to your needs. Our team is ready to assist you with your dental health journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Aflac takes great satisfaction in providing extensive dental insurance policies that meet a range of requirements. Our plans guarantee that our customers have access to full dental care by covering everything from standard examinations and cleanings to more involved procedures like root canals and orthodontics. We evaluate and update our coverage options on a regular basis to meet our clients’ changing demands.

Members of Aflac can conveniently utilize their dental coverage for teledentistry or online consultations. Through the providers in our network, you can visit with dentists virtually from the comfort of your home. These services are especially helpful for initial evaluations and follow-up consultations.

Our Aflac dental plans are designed to cover a wide range of dental services. This includes preventive care like cleanings and exams, basic procedures such as fillings and extractions, and even major services like crowns, bridges, and dentures. We aim to provide coverage that supports both your immediate and long-term dental health.

Because of our dedication to providing comprehensive coverage, affordability, and excellent customer service, Aflac has emerged as the go-to option for dental insurance. We make dental care affordable and easy for our members by providing customizable plans, a large network of dental providers, and first-rate customer service.

The teledentistry solutions offered by Aflac improve access to dental care by offering quick and easy consultations with dental specialists. This is especially helpful for people who have trouble accessing in-person dental care, for routine follow-ups, or for urgent dental consultation. Making dental care as accessible as possible is our aim.

The reason Aflac’s dental insurance is affordable is that we provide a variety of plan alternatives to accommodate various demands and budgets. Our plans are made to maximize benefits and decrease out-of-pocket costs. One such benefit is preventative care, which can delay the need for more costly treatments in the future. Our goal is to provide both financial benefit and peace of mind.

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