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Dental practice solutions during COVID-19 is a patient centric smartphone app that connects them directly to your dentist and dental practice . Our 24/7 network of dentists can handle your overflow calls and refer back to you for follow up.

ER - Dental Diversion Program

Emergency rooms and health systems are rapidly expanding their use of Teledentistry to offer better care at a lower cost. In addition to incorporating video-enabled dentists, the technology can be used for reducing waiting times, mitigating costs and improving patient satisfaction.

Value Added Service
for dental insurance

When combined with existing dental insurance, we improve patient satisfaction with their dental insurance purchase.'s Network of Providers is proud to provide its own proprietary network of live on-demand dentists for deployment of various use cases. Already credentialed in multiple states with Medicaid we are currently supporting over 5 million patients nationwide and growing.

Overflow Consult Service for Busy Dental Practices

If you can’t do a videoconference with a patient because you are busy with a patient in real life, your front desk can activate the overflow option within our software to request a state licensed dentist to video-conference with a patient within minutes! It’s like having an on -demand associate!

HIPAA Compliant Data Center

Your information is stored in our HIPAA compliant data center. Come visit us in Las Vegas to learn what it really means to be HIPAA compliant.