24 Hour virtual visits

Connect with a live, state licensed dentist fast with TeleDentistry.com! Our system is easy to use - all you need is a smart phone or computer with a microphone and camera.

How it Works

Request An Appointment

As soon as your appointment is booked you will receive a confirmation via email and text SMS (Avg. wait time to < 3 min).

Complete E-Document

Within your appointment confirmation text and email, will be a link to your patient e-docs for completion prior to your virtual consult.

Connect with a LIVE Dentist

A state licensed dentist will join you in a secure TD video conference to complete your live consultation.

Receive Prescription

If needed, your licensed dentist will prescribe non-opioid medications for you to pick up at your local pharmacy.

Referred for Follow Up Care

If needed, a member of our team will also refer you back to an in network local dentist for follow up care.

Start Feeling Better

We are dedicated to expanding access to care and helping you feel better faster.

Cost and Coverage

Consultation costs $50 without insurance coverage*
All major insurance plans accepted for consultations.

*Additional fees for Rx may apply at pharmacy

TD Patient Use Cases

Care With Love

Avoid the Emergency Room with virtual visits

Avoid a costly trip to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care with our virtual visits.

Discuss questions about a treatment plan / Get a 2nd opinion

You can get a 2nd opinion or discuss treatment plans during your virtual visit.

Ask common oral health questions

Example question: Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?