Organization’s Support Organization provides
a virtual wrap around of dental practices. We provide support for the practices by bringing online dental consultations to assist patients with consultations. We send the data gathered from the patient, back to your office along with any notes or recommendations from our online dentists back to your practice for in person care. 

What is a TSO?


Just like you rely on external specialists for things like complex oral surgery cases or advanced orthodontics, you rely on us to provide your practice with support when you need it.’s Support Organization provides an online dentist support system for your dental practice. 

Quick Appointments

Quick virtual appointment for your patients when they have a  dental emergency

During and After-Hour Calls

Front desk overwhelmed? Deploy our system to help your front desk handle additional call volume. You don’t lose patients anymore because your phones aren’t getting answered. 

Redirect patients back to your practice

We address the patient’s emergency, send prescriptions to the local pharmacy and send them back to you for follow up care

Easy to deploy system with no complicated technology

No complicated technology for your staff to learn or deploy. Everything happens right at the phone level.

Our Services

Front Desk Support

When your front desk gets overwhelmed, the whole practice loses. Get support fast by deploying our system to help patients and your staff

Patient Capture

Don’t leak patients by not answering your phones! Our system captures every patient calls your office once activated

Recommend treatment

Based on the needs of the patient, we can screen for conditions that can be treated in person by you. We can recommend treatments by your office such as clear aligners, implants and all other treatments that can be visually seen.

"One of our clients captured approximately

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in production from consults we referred back to their practice.”

How Does This Work?

Give Us A Call

Whenever you have a service request that falls into the categories below, just give us a call on the dedicated number we provide you.

BEST OF ALL- No complicated technology for your staff to learn or deploy. Everything happens right at the phone level.

Patient Assistance

We provide the patient with an online dental consultation. We prescribe medications that are sent directly to the pharmacy and make recommendations on treatments they can receive at your office.

Send the patient back to you

Once the online dental consultation is done, we gather all the information collected and send it to your office. This includes the medical-dental questionnaire, notes and any Rx that was sent to the pharmacy. We do the virtual consult, you do the in person care!

How Do You Implement This?

A dedicated telephone number we provide you is all it takes to get started.

Sit back and relax! We handle it all for you.

Your patients get convenient virtual care.

We continually train your staff.

How Much Does It Cost?

This works just like a a specialist referral. The dental practice gets our services at NO COST.

When a patient requests service from us we verify their insurance and submit claims for the services we rendered. 

Patients get access to quick online care and you get the in person treatment at your convenience

Your front desk gets focused on important tasks such as presenting treatment plans and calculating copayments

Dentist Features

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