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We are proud to support our fellow brothers and sisters in Ukraine during their time of crisis.

Use this system to get a FREE medical virtual triage with a doctor.

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Follow these three easy steps to get started

Desktop based system for getting access to a emergency dentist

Step 1

Sign up as a patient and start filling out the forms

Step 2

Check the box at the end of the forms to initiate request for a doctor

Step 3

You will be connected with a doctor to begin your consultation.

The doctors who are providing advice are doing so out of a humanitarian need of the hour. You will be connected to a medical professional as soon as possible. You may be on hold as the service is being heavily used.  The system that is being used was designed for use in the USA. If you are using the system from a country not the USA, then you can connect to the doctor via the portal or through your email.


* is the solution provider for the technology and is not responsible for the actual medical consultations.

** Medical doctors performing services are doing so on a humanitarian basis and PRO BONO during the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

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