Teeth Spacing

Teeth spacing is a condition in which the front (anterior) teeth are separated by small or large gaps. It is a common occurrence in children, could be due to:

  • Mixed dentition (when baby teeth are falling out and adult teeth are coming in)
  • Thumb sucking
  • Tongue thrusting

Probably you are wondering whether there is teeth spacing treatment or teeth gap treatment. Well, teeth spacing can be treated if you seek help from your dentist.

What is teeth spacing?

Spacing occurs when there is a discrepancy between the jaw size and the tooth size. Typically, orthodontic treatment for spacing teeth can be done with orthodontic appliances, and a consultation with a Teledentistry.com online dentist can be your first step to gaining a better understanding of how to proceed with your care.

Well-aligned teeth look good, increase the person’s self-confidence, are easier to clean and maintain for the long term, and also ensure the best chance for the bite to work as smoothly as possible. Well, aligned teeth and bites have the best chance of remaining straight for the long term.

Retainers can be recommended to help the teeth stay straight.

Causes of teeth spacing

Teeth spacing can be caused by:

  • Microdontia, or the occurrence of small-sized teeth.
  • Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting in childhood. 
  • Some children are born missing teeth, which might result in tooth spacing or greater interdental spacing.
  • Physiological predispositions.

Teeth spacing treatment

Gaps leave your teeth unprotected and can leave you more vulnerable to gum disease. When you are eating food, if there are spaces or gaps between the teeth, sharp pieces of food may impinge on the gingiva leading to gingivitis or trauma that can be severely painful. Teeth spacing can be a cosmetic issue as well as a functional one.

Teledentistry.com’s online dentists can give recommendations about how you can reduce the spaces between your teeth. Spaces can be closed by moving the teeth together and properly aligning them within the arch. Teeth gap treatment is highly individual, and definitive treatment should be sought after once recommended by your Teledentistry.com dentist.

Commonly Asked Questions

Teeth spacing is a condition in which the front (anterior) teeth are separated by small or large gaps.
The main causes of teeth spacing are mixed dentition, thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.
Orthodontic treatment for spacing teeth is not as costly as you think, so please check out our pricing page here to book your virtual appointment with Tele Dentistry today.

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