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Welcome to’s premier virtual dental services, only available to Colonial Life members. We invite you to discover a world where quality and convenient dental care is provided. Colonial Life’s dedication to your well-being surpasses conventional limitations as they offer you 24/7 virtual dental consultations and emergency care.

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A dental emergency or a late-night question? Reach out to us at (866) 256-2261, and we’ll connect you to our dental experts.

Connect with our knowledgeable dentists through a safe online portal to receive a customized, in-depth dental examination for Colonial Life members.

Obtain professional guidance, treatment programs, and mental tranquility via an easy-to-use online interface.

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Colonial Life Teledentistry Offerings

Colonial Life Dental and have teamed to provide you with an extensive array of dental treatments. Members of Colonial Life oral may now easily manage their oral health virtually thanks to this cooperation. Our services, which include regular dental examinations and emergency treatments, are made to fit easily into your schedule so that your oral health is always put first.

Why Choose Us

Accessible Care, Anytime

Our 24/7 availability means Colonial Life Dental members always have a trusted dental resource at their fingertips.

Expert Online Dental Care

Our team is committed to providing our Colonial Life Dental members with high-quality dental care. We specialize in treating a wide range of dental conditions.

Integrated Dental Solutions

We coordinate our services with dental policies offered by Colonial Life Dental to ensure a seamless and trouble-free dental care experience.

After the Consultation dentists provide initial consultation services1 and can write prescriptions2 when appropriate. is meant to supplement your current dental plan and should be used after business hours, on holidays and weekends, or when experiencing a dental emergency and your regular dentist is not available.

After the consultation the dentist will email consultation notes to your dentist for further treatment. If you do not have a dental provider, will refer you to a participating in-network provider with your authorization. Virtual Dental Visits are subject to your policy year benefit maximum.

Need more help? Call 24/7 at:

1 services are only available to active Colonial Life dental members.

2 E-prescriptions are not available internationally.

Success Stories

The experiences shared by our patients powerfully testify to the exceptional quality and dependability of our services.

I was amazed at how seamlessly Colonial Life's virtual dental services integrated with my insurance. The convenience of getting a consultation from home was incredible!

Brian H.

Experiencing a dental emergency while traveling was stressful, but Colonial Life's 24/7 service was a lifesaver. The quick, professional advice I received was outstanding.

Jessica P.

Colonial Life Teledentistry's ability to handle my urgent dental issue promptly and professionally was impressive. It's comforting to know this kind of care is available anytime.

Marcus W.

As a busy professional, scheduling in-person dental appointments can be challenging. Colonial Life's virtual dental services have made my life so much easier.

Nina S.

I was skeptical about virtual dental care, but Colonial Life's service exceeded my expectations. The dentist was thorough and the care was as good as any in-office visit.

Ethan R.

The quality assurance and attention to detail in my virtual consultation with Colonial Life Teledentistry was exceptional. They've set a high standard for online dental care.

Olivia T.

The ease of accessing dental care through Colonial Life's teledentistry service is unparalleled. Their team really understands the needs of their members.

Karen L.

These testimonials are a glimpse of the many lives we've touched through our dedicated 24 hr dental near me services.

Ready for your virtual dental consultation? As a Colonial Life member, expert dental advice is just a call away.

Dial (866) 256-2261 now and experience the ease and expertise of our teledentistry services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Colonial Life Teledentistry services are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing dental insurance plan. We work closely with Colonial Life to ensure that your virtual dental visits are covered just like traditional in-office appointments. This integration means less paperwork and hassle for you, and more focus on getting the dental care you need.

Our virtual services are equipped to handle a wide range of dental situations, from emergency issues like toothaches and broken fillings to routine matters such as dental check-ups and oral health advice. Whether it’s urgent care or preventive maintenance, our online dentists are ready to provide expert assistance.

Accessing virtual dental care as a Colonial Life member is straightforward. Simply call our dedicated hotline at (866) 256-2261. You’ll be connected to a dental professional who can assess your situation and provide the necessary consultation and care, all through a virtual platform that’s easy to use and highly effective.

Choosing Colonial Life’s virtual dental services means opting for convenience, expertise, and reliability. Our services are available 24/7, ensuring that you can get dental care whenever you need it. Plus, the integration with your Colonial Life dental plan makes the process smooth and efficient.

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of our service. Colonial Life Teledentistry adheres to strict standards in patient care, privacy, and technology use. Our team of dental professionals is highly qualified and experienced, ensuring that each consultation is conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. We also continuously update our practices and technology to keep up with the latest in dental care.

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