Nevada Dental Benefits: Revolutionizing Dental Care in Nevada

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Teledentistry is already included in your existing dental coverage and counts as one oral examination under your plan.*

Greetings from Nevada’s dental care of the future! It is with great pleasure that Nevada Dental Benefits Ltd. (NDB) collaborates with you to preserve your dental health. Our commitment is to offer the greatest teledentistry services and dental insurance choices to the people of Nevada. Our online dental care platform is made to be easily accessible, convenient, and provide full dental coverage.

How We Serve You

In need of dental assistance? Get in touch with us right now for NDB dental health solutions.

Our knowledgeable dentists are prepared to conduct thorough virtual evaluations and offer Nevada Dental Benefits Online Care.

Using NDB’s cutting-edge teledentistry platform, get expert advice on your oral health.

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NDB Teledentistry Offerings

As leaders in Nevada dental insurance, NDB offers a range of teledentistry services that cater to the diverse needs of our members. From emergency dental situations to routine oral health check-ups, our Nevada Dental Benefits and NDB services ensure that you have access to quality dental care, whenever you need it.

Why Choose NDB

24/7 Availability

Nevada Dental Benefits (NDB) offers around-the-clock dental care for our members.

Virtual Expert Care

Our team of dental experts is committed to providing top-tier Nevada Dental Virtual Consultations.

Tailored Dental Solutions

At NDB, we understand that every Nevada resident has unique dental needs. Our plans are customized to provide the best dental insurance in Nevada.

After the Consultation dentists provide emergency consultation services* and can write prescriptions** when appropriate. The dentist can email consultation notes to your NDB in-network dentist for further treatment upon request and being provided a valid email address of the dentist. If you do not have a dentist, please contact Nevada Dental Benefits, Ltd. at (702) 478-2014 between 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (PST) Monday through Friday for assistance in finding a dentist. You may also visit to search for an in-network dentist by using the “Find a Dentist” tool.

Need more help? Call 24/7 at:

* services are only available to active Nevada Dental Benefits members. A consultation counts as a problem-focused exam (D0140) under your dental plan.

**E-prescriptions are not available internationally.

What Our Patients Say

The experiences shared by our patients powerfully testify to the exceptional quality and dependability of our services.

The ease of accessing dental care through NDB’s teledentistry has made a significant difference in my life. They offer some of the best dental insurance in Nevada.

Sophia W.

As someone who values good health plan of Nevada dental coverage, I'm thrilled with NDB's services. Their virtual consultations are a great addition to their offerings.

Emily K.

The best dental insurance in Nevada? Definitely NDB. Their 24/7 support has been a lifesaver more than once for my family.

Luis M.

I needed urgent care and my Nevada dental benefits with NDB provided swift online assistance. Their service is top-notch.

Tara D.

NDB's teledentistry services changed how I view dental care. Quick, efficient, and covered by my Nevada dental insurance, it's exactly what I needed.

Alice J.

NDB's dental plans in Nevada stand out for their convenience and comprehensive coverage. Their virtual care service is particularly impressive.

Kevin R.

Finding quality dental plans in Nevada was a challenge until I discovered NDB. Their online care options are convenient and very user-friendly.

Raj S.

These testimonials are a glimpse of the many lives we've touched through our dedicated 24 hr dental near me services.

Join NDB for a new era of dental care in Nevada. Our teledentistry services are just a call away!

Frequently Asked Questions

NDB seamlessly integrates teledentistry services with our Nevada dental insurance plans. Members can access virtual dental care as part of their coverage, ensuring they receive timely and efficient dental services without any additional financial burden.

NDB’s online services are equipped to address a variety of dental issues. From emergency dental care to routine check-ups and consultations, our Nevada Dental Benefits ensure that members receive comprehensive dental care remotely.

Yes, NDB’s virtual consultations are designed to be just as effective as in-person visits. Our skilled dental professionals use the latest technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment planning, all from the comfort of your home.

Choosing NDB for dental plans in Nevada means opting for flexibility, comprehensive coverage, and innovative care options like teledentistry. We are committed to providing the best dental insurance in Nevada, with a focus on accessibility and member satisfaction.

Accessing virtual dental care is straightforward for NDB members. Simply use the contact provided, and you’ll be connected to our network of dental professionals. These services are part of your health plan of Nevada dental coverage, making them easily accessible and convenient.

NDB’s dental coverage stands out due to our commitment to providing innovative, comprehensive, and convenient dental care solutions. We offer some of the best dental insurance in Nevada, with the added benefit of modern teledentistry services to meet the evolving needs of our members.

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