Kaiser Permanente and Teledentistry: Revolutionizing Dental Care Together

Teledentistry is already included in your existing dental coverage.*

Your Gateway to Kaiser Permanente’s Teledentistry Services – Available 24/7 Welcome to the Kaiser Permanente Teledentistry partnership. Through this partnership, Kaiser’s dedication to high-quality medical care and our proficiency in providing virtual dental treatments are combined. We are thrilled to offer Kaiser members exclusive access to our 24/7 online dental consultations and emergency services.

How it works with Kaiser Permanente

Are you a Kaiser member in need of urgent dental care? The healthcare plans offered by Kaiser Permanente have now been effortlessly linked with our teledentistry services.

Enjoy the convenience of virtual dental assessments with Kaiser-approved online dentists.

Access quality dental treatment under your Kaiser dental plan, anytime and anywhere, with our expert online dentists.

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Our Services

Learn about our special services available only to Kaiser Permanente members. Whether it’s a routine check-up or emergency dental care, our partnership ensures Kaiser members receive top-notch virtual dental care.

Around-the-Clock Access

Kaiser Permanente Dental members enjoy uninterrupted access to dental care, regardless of the time or place.

Expert Care, Virtually

Our team of professional dentists is equipped to handle a wide range of dental emergencies and consultations, all via virtual appointments.

Seamless Integration

Our services are seamlessly integrated with Kaiser Permanente Dental plans, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free dental care experience.

After the Consultation

TeleDentistry.com dentists provide initial consultation services* and can write non-narcotic prescriptions** when appropriate. The TeleDentistry.com dentist will email consultation notes to your dentist for further treatment. If you do not have a dentist, TeleDentistry.com will refer you to an dentist with your authorization.

Teledentistry is meant to supplement your current dental plan and should be used after business hours, on holidays and weekends, or when experiencing a dental emergency and your regular dentist is not available. A teledentistry visit is counted as one oral examination under your plan.*

*TeleDentistry.com services are only available to current Kaiser Permanente Dental Choice PPO members. A TeleDentistry.com consultation counts as a problem-focused exam (D0140) under your dental plan.

**E-prescriptions are not available internationally.

What Our Patients Say

The experiences shared by our patients powerfully testify to the exceptional quality and dependability of our services.

Dealing with a broken filling was a breeze thanks to the Kaiser Permanente dental insurance plan covering Teledentistry services. The prompt response and expert care I received were outstanding. It's comforting to know this service is there 24/7.

David M.

Never thought I could use my Kaiser dental insurance for an online dentist consultation until I found Teledentistry. Their service is top-notch, and it's all covered under my Kaiser dental plan. It's convenient and highly reliable.

Olivia R.

Using Teledentistry with my Kaiser dental insurance was incredibly easy. The quality of care and convenience it offers is unmatched. As a busy professional, this service is a godsend. Plus, it's covered by Kaiser, so no stress about costs!

Emily S.

Teledentistry's integration with Kaiser Permanente dental plans made my dental emergency less stressful. Their online dentists are very competent, and the fact that it's all under my Kaiser coverage is just amazing.

James T.

I was dubious about virtual dental care as a Kaiser member until I tried Teledentistry. It's revolutionary! It was really simple because of the smooth procedure and Kaiser dental coverage. I didn't have to leave my house to get my toothache looked out and fixed!

Anna L.

I needed urgent care for a chipped tooth and remembered my Kaiser dental plan coverage included Teledentistry. The consultation was quick, professional, and fully covered. This partnership is a true lifesaver for Kaiser members like me.

Ethan K.

When I had severe tooth pain late at night, I immediately turned to Teledentistry, knowing my Kaiser dental plan would cover it. The online dentist was knowledgeable and helped me manage the pain until I could see my regular dentist.

Chris J.

These testimonials are a glimpse of the many lives we've touched through our dedicated 24 hr dental near me services.

Ready for a dental consultation? Kaiser Permanente Dental members, your next virtual dental visit is just a click away. Call us now at

(866) 724-0623 and experience the convenience and expertise of our teledentistry services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Members now have greater access to dental care because to our partnership with Kaiser Permanente. Kaiser insurance plan holders are able to use their benefits for our Teledentistry services. This covers routine examinations, emergency dental care, and more, all of which are available online.

As members of our network, Kaiser Permanente dental professionals are qualified to deliver Teledentistry consultations virtually. By doing this, continuity of care and adherence to the high standards of Teledentistry and Kaiser are guaranteed.

Yes, a variety of Kaiser dental insurance frequently cover our treatments and they are entirely compatible with them. As long as their Kaiser dental coverage is applicable, members can easily receive virtual consultations for a variety of dental problems.

Toothaches, broken or chipped teeth, lost fillings or crowns, and other dental emergencies can all be handled by our platform in collaboration with Kaiser. Your Kaiser dental plan probably covers all of these services.

Of course! We make sure that the high caliber of care rendered during our virtual consultations is on par with that of our conventional in-person sessions.

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