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Most insurances including medicaid cover Teledentistry.com’s 24/7 online emergency dental care.

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Emergency Dental Consultation Across Phoenix

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Phoenix and need help fast? Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service all your immediate needs related to dentistry by connecting you with expert dentists in your area. We know how challenging it can be to find good dentists in Phoenix, especially after-hours and on the weekends. That’s why we created TeleDentistry.com – to help you get the care you deserve.

No more long waiting lines or struggling to find a great emergency dentist in the Phoenix area; we bring the best in Phoenix dentistry to you. Our emergency dentists will be able to remotely perform an evaluation, prescribe medications and make sure you get immediate care – isn’t that what quality dentistry is all about?

Connecting You with Arizona’s Best Emergency Dentists

Our 24/7 service for emergency dentistry in Phoenix is ideal for those:

  • Experiencing an urgent dental concern and do not have an emergency dentist in Phoenix
  • Needing access to professional dental care after hours
  • Who want to consult with a professional without needing to leave home
  • Searching for an experienced and reliable dentistry practice in Phoenix, Arizona

Our consultations are covered by most insurance companies, Medicaid included!

TeleDentistry.com works with insurance carriers across the USA. We are the best, because we only work with the best. That’s the benefit of choosing us.

Before your consultation, we will verify your eligibility and benefits to best connect you with an emergency dentist in Phoenix. If you’d like to receive your consultation now, you can simply file a reimbursement request through your insurance. Our how-to guide here shows you how.

So, how does it work?

Finding a Dentist in Phoenix, AZ Has Never Been Easier!

Step 1 – Call (866)525-3001 and connect with an emergency dentist in Phoenix

Step 2 – Receive a professional evaluation, treatment and necessary prescriptions

Step 3 – Have confidence knowing an emergency dentist in Phoenix is just a call away.


Most Common Dental Emergencies in Phoenix, Arizona

Your mouth is a complex place and one that should be taken care of at all costs. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for most to know when it’s a dental emergency and when it’s not. Some things can be treated at home, but other complications require professional care from an emergency practice specializing in dentistry.

To help you make the best decisions when it comes to your selecting from available dentists, we have listed some of the most common dental emergencies that Arizona locals face, and how you can handle them. Remember, home treatments should be done only if you are in Phoenix, Arizona and can’t find an emergency dentist to see you immediately.



Caused by infection, an abscess is an urgent dentistry issue that should not be taken lightly. These can be painful, cause fevers and should be checked out by your Phoenix-based emergency dentist immediately. Left untreated, a dental abscess can cause serious complications that could even lead to a root canal.

To prevent an abscess, regular check-ups with a local, 24-hour emergency dentist in Phoenix are highly recommended. 


Broken Orthodontics

We love braces and their ability to create gorgeous smiles. Unfortunately, these things break sometimes. If your braces are damaged or broken it’s important to get them checked out. You don’t want to waste a minute when wearing them because damaged braces may not work correctly, and dentists in Phoenix, Arizona are the best bet to make sure you’ve got experts on the job. If you’ve noticed a malfunction in your braces or are experiencing pain or unusual discomfort, get in touch with an emergency dentist in Phoenix, Arizona immediately.


You fell and damaged your mouth or teeth

Once you have all your adult teeth the last thing you want to do is lose one. However, if you fall or experience an accident one or several of your teeth may require attention. After a fall or dental trauma, you should immediately apply a cold compress to the outside of your mouth close to impact. This will reduce swelling, bleeding and pain. The next thing you should do is plan a visit with an emergency dentist in the Phoenix, Arizona area. 


Knocked-out Tooth

Knocking out a tooth may not necessarily be painful, but it can surely hurt your smile. Dealing with this type of dentistry requirement can be frustrating, we understand. Especially if you’ve been looking for an emergency dentist in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas but can’t find one. 

Before speaking with local dentists in Phoenix, Arizona, you should first clean and secure the tooth. Wash it with cold water and do not scrub to avoid further damage. Then, simply place it somewhere safe while you wait to see an expert. With this type of dentistry issue, you want to act fast to aid preservation efforts. 


Lost Filling or Crown

A lost filling or crown is a dentistry need that should be handled immediately. Otherwise, you risk further damage or infection. If a filling falls out on you, the best thing you can do is see an emergency dentist that you trust in Phoenix, Arizona. We understand you can’t always get seen and evaluated as soon as you’d like. The most important thing you can do before seeing any dentists is gargle salt water to clean the area and eliminate food particles. Then, be sure to keep the filling and your exposed tooth clean until you get seen by a professional.


  • Bleeding and Pain After a Tooth Extraction

Bleeding and pain are not uncommon following a tooth extraction surgery and are in fact quite normal. However, any bleeding that persists for longer than 8 to 12 hours post-extraction should be concerning. Left unmanaged, further complications could range from soft tissue hematomas to severe blood loss.


Do You Have an Emergency Dentist in Phoenix That You Trust?

When it comes to our teeth, a lot can go wrong. That’s why it’s important to always be proactive and prepared in case of an unexpected and sudden need for dentist attention. Trust us, your future self will thank you for it.

If you’re experiencing a potential need for an emergency dentist or just have a question, we’re here to help. TeleDentistry.com has connections with any local emergency dentist in Phoenix, Arizona and its surrounding areas that you can interface with instantly. Just call us at 1-(866) 525-3001 and see why so many trust us with their emergency dentistry needs out here in Phoenix, Arizona.

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