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Are you looking for White Fillings in Boulder Islands, Nevada ?


Since you are searching for White Fillings in Boulder Islands then we understand how important it is to find immediate help and guidance for your problem.

TeleDentistry.com is here to help you better understand your situation and the treatment that is available to you. We can also help you get answers to your questions with a quick virtual appointment from a live dentist.

Radiant Smiles is a well-known and busy practice. Appointments slots get booked up quite quickly and you may not find the exact time you are looking for near to or inBoulder Islands.

But don’t let that stop you! TeleDentistry.com can help you book an immediate online virtual consultation with a dental professional to better understand exactly what you need, and then help you book an appointment at your closest Radiant Smiles location near Boulder Islands, Easy!

If you do prefer to book an appointment directly with Radiant Smiles then you can use this handy link below.
Pro Tip: You may find that Vivi Dang Roberts can’t see you for a few days or weeks because of her busy schedule. If this is the case then we recommend you give us a call on (702)-710-7417 to schedule a live virtual consultation immediately and we can help you 24/7.


Who is Vivi Dang Roberts?


Dr. Vivian Dang Roberts graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 1994. Dr. Vivi is passionate about dentistry and enjoys seeing patients every day. Dr. Vivi is kind, caring, and compassionate. Every patient is treated like a family member. She loves spending time with her husband and three children. She enjoys motorcycle rides and tennis. She loves working out and eating out (some might call her a foodie). She also enjoys singing and dancing. Her family values are very important to her. Some might say she works hard, but if you ask her, she never works a day in her life because she loves and is passionate about what she does.


Looking For White Fillings In Boulder Islands


Our 24/7 Boulder Islands dental services are ideal for anyone who:


The great news is, your consultation may even be covered by your insurance company!

TeleDentistry.com works with multiple insurance carriers across the USA and we will verify your eligibility and benefits before doing the consultation if you wish for us to bill your insurance for the consultation. We work with most insurances including Medicaid!

Alternatively, if you would like to get an online consultation and file for your insurance reimbursement yourself, visit our handy how-to guide here.


So, how does it work?


Desktop based system for getting access to a emergency dentist

Step 1

Call us at (702)-710-7417 and we will connect you with a dentist within minutes

Medical dental questionnaire for getting a consult from an emergency dentist

Step 2

The online dentist will evaluate your condition, make recommendations, and prescribe medications as appropriate.

24 7 Emergency Dentist

Step 3

We will then refer you to a local dentist who can treat you in person!

Finding White Fillings in Boulder Islands has never been easier, simply follow these 3 simple steps!


  1. Call us at (702)-710-7417 and we will connect you with a dentist within minutes
  2. Your personal online dentist will evaluate your condition, make recommendations as to how to address your concern, and prescribe medications as appropriate
  3. We will then simply refer you to a local dentist in Boulder Islands who can treat you in person!


About Radiant Smiles


Our goal is to ensure that our patients understand and experience the beauty and comfort of our approach to dental health. A beautiful smile creates healthy teeth and gums. Your smile is your first impression. If it sparkles, so do you! Our office professionals undergo extensive training and contribute to our mission of providing you with outstanding service using the most advanced technology.

Our dentists offer our patients a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry services and procedures. Cosmetic bonding, veneers, teeth whitening, and tooth-colored fillings are popular procedures. Our practice believes in going the extra mile for our patients. That is why we offer emergency services to those who need them. You have come to the right place if you are looking for an office that provides high-quality results while providing patients with a comfortable work environment.

Our Dentists are known for their gentle touch and warm interaction with patients. After listening to our patients and performing a thorough examination, we explain the course of treatment.


About TeleDentistry.com


Teledentistry.com is the world’s largest provider of virtual dental care services. And if you are looking for [Dental Services], our dentists are available 24/7 to help provide patients in [location_Radius] and areas nearby with quick access to dental consultations in the event of a dental emergency or any other dental concern. 

Our dentists can prescribe medications such as antibiotics and pain medication (no controlled substances) and send the prescription directly to your local pharmacy for pickup. Call us today at (702)-710-7417 to get a consultation that often is covered by most insurances including Medicaid, to get started!


What are the Most Common Dental Emergencies in Boulder Islands?


Toothaches, chipped teeth and gum disease are a few of the most common dental emergencies faced in the USA every year. But fear not, with TeleDentistry we can offer you the right support and expert advice, to prevent any long-term damage and maintain great oral health.


But first, let us briefly outline a few of the most common dental emergencies there are and how to best deal with them.


7 Common Dental Emergencies


1. Toothache


We have all been there, painful toothache! Although a toothache is generally more of an annoyance than a serious problem, pain is never a good thing, and it could be indicating a number of underlying conditions including tooth decay.

Whilst most toothaches are manageable without having to seek emergency dental treatment, there may be certain signs such as swelling or increasing pain that may require immediate attention.

When faced with toothache we recommend first applying a cold compress to the outside of the cheek and then call us to find a dental clinic in Boulder Islands to book an appointment to get a thorough checkup. In the meantime avoid common remedies such as taking any sort of painkiller or aspirin because this can cause the burning of the cheek tissue.

Call our team now on (702)-710-7417 to book an immediate appointment with one of our online dental specialists.


2. Chipped or Broken Teeth


A chipped or broken tooth can not only hurt but it can also spoil our perfect smile! Often a chipped or broken tooth happens when we are eating or being too overzealous with taking our next sip of wine or beer!

If you are suffering from a chipped or broken tooth then we recommend you first rinse your mouth with warm water and apply some gauze to the bleeding. You can then apply a cold compress to the cheek closest to the damaged tooth to not only reduce the swelling but also to relieve the pain.

Of course, now you need to seek professional dental advice to get the issue fixed and avoid any longer-term complications.

Fixing chipped or broken teeth is something that we specialize in here at TeleDentistry, so book your appointment by calling  (702)-710-7417 now, and speak with a specialist in the next 5 minutes and let us help you with your pain!



3. Knocked-out Tooth


Having a tooth knocked out is usually not particularly painful but it can cause us a whole lot of worry and grief, on how to exactly get it fixed up and how much it will cost.

If your tooth is knocked out, we recommend picking it up where you find it by the crown and rinsing it with some cold water [if it is dirtied]. Avoid scrubbing the tooth as we don’t want to cause any more damage to it. Place it somewhere safe and clean and give us a call on (702)-710-7417.

The quicker you can act in terms of having the tooth pushed back into its ‘socket’ the better your chances of having your original tooth and smile restored to their former glory!

So, give us a call now if you have suffered a knocked-out tooth, talk to an expert, and book in for an appointment near Boulder Islands to get it fixed up!


4. Lost Filling or Crown


When you lose a filling or crown you should be looking to get this treated immediately to avoid any further damage or risking infection. Don’t worry, this is a relatively common dental emergency, and we can find you an easy fix, so just give us a call on  (702)-710-7417, talk to an expert, and have a personal appointment near to Boulder Islands booked right away.


5. Broken Orthodontics


Many of us have braces, to help us create and form the perfect smile, but naturally, sometimes they break on us!

Generally, braces are designed to withstand daily chewing, talking and eating, but at times the wires that form our braces can break, stick out, and even poke the site of your inner cheek and gum – which can be painful!

Of course, when the braces are not set correctly and are damaged, this doesn’t help with getting our teeth aligned how we want them to be.

If your brace has broken and is causing you pain, fear not, we deal with these issues on a daily basis, so give us a call on (702)-710-7417 and let one of our experts in Boulder Islands help you solve the problem today.


6. Abscess


A dental abscess can form as a pocket of pus in a tooth caused by an infection. Often this infection comes from an untreated cavity, injury or an old piece of dental work. A dental abscess can be painful and even lead to a fever.

A dental abscess can be relatively serious if not treated and may require draining, antibiotics, or more complex surgery, so please seek immediate advice and book in for a consultation today.

If you have a mouth abscess then call us immediately on (702)-710-7417 and let one of our team members near Boulder Islands help you, don’t worry, we are here for you!

7. Bleeding and Pain after a Tooth Extraction


If you have recently had a tooth extracted, sometimes you may experience bleeding and pain.

Don’t worry, this is relatively normal, however, if the bleeding and pain continue, we suggest you give us a call to explore further.

Call us on (702)-710-7417 to talk to a member of the TeleDentistry near to Boulder Islands today!

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Dental Emergency | Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you need to see an emergency dentist in Boulder Islands NV today, you can simply give us a call on (702)-710-7417 and we can connect you to a dentist via video conference in minutes!

Once your consultation is finished we can also help you book an appointment with a local emergency dentist in Boulder Islands who can see you as soon as possible.


To see a dentist in an emergency, the first step is to call an emergency dentist to evaluate your condition right away.

Do this before deciding to visit an emergency room or urgent care in Nevada, as you may end up waiting for hours. You can see a dentist virtually through a video conference or in-person when they have the next available appointment.

So give us a call on (702)-710-7417 to book an appointment with an emergency dentist in Boulder Islands.

An emergency dentist can do multiple things, from extracting infected teeth, extracting wisdom teeth as well as doing root canals. That really doesn’t cover it all though, as there are many reasons why you have a dental emergency.

If you attend an emergency dental appointment with a particularly infected tooth, then the dentist will often simply prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory painkillers. You will then have to wait for 24 hours and go back again to work out the next steps. We understand that this can be a long and tedious process.

So if you are experiencing pain right now then it may be a better option to give us a call at first, get the online consultation and get the prescription sent to a pharmacy in Boulder Islands right away.

Once the inflammation subsides you can then visit an emergency dentist during normal office hours and get the treatment done at your convenience.

So if you want to save a lot of time and money on solving your dental emergency, give us a call now on (702)-710-7417.

If you are experiencing dental pain coming from your teeth or gums, then you probably need to see an emergency dentist immediately.

More often than not, if you make an appointment with an emergency dentist after normal business hours you will be paying a premium for the service as dental offices normally close around 5pm.

If you are lucky enough to find a dentist who can help you then it’s always advisable to visit the dentist so they can address your need in person.

If however you cannot find one, or you live in Boulder Islands nv where there aren’t many dentists, you can give us a call on (702)-710-7417 and join a video conference with a dentist within minutes who can address your dental concern and prescribe appropriate medications that you can conveniently pick up at your local pharmacy.

Once your inflammation and infection has subsided, you can visit the dentist in Nevada who can address your dental concern in person.

If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Nevada then your first instinct may be to call around your local area and hope that a dentist can see you while you are experiencing dental pain! This however can be a long and costly process [and painful!]

Here at Teledentistry.com we offer immediate video conference dental consultations to help you quickly understand why you are experiencing pain and then book you in with a local dentist inBoulder Islands.

Call us on (702)-710-7417

Booking an appointment with an emergency dentist after business hours in Nevada will be costly and you will pay a premium.

That is why here at Teledentistry.com we offer the best online dental consultation and dental booking appointment service in Nevada, for your convenience!

So give us a call on (702)-710-7417and once we diagnose your problem we will work out the cost and book you in for an appointment immediately.

And, guess what? Your dental insurance will probably cover this!

Yes, dentists do take emergency appointments, however be aware that you may be waiting in the lobby for an extended period of time until the next available chair becomes available. In, Nevada, waiting times can often be hours!

If you are experiencing dental pain coming from your teeth or gums, then you probably need to see an emergency dentist quickly. And, if you are looking for a dentist after hours, this may cost you a premium and you may even struggle to find one!

So we recommend giving us a call on (702)-710-7417 to arrange a quick video conference with a dental professional in Nevada within minutes, who can address your dental concern and prescribe appropriate medications that you can conveniently pick up at your local pharmacy in Boulder Islands.

We can then even book you in with an emergency dentist in Boulder Islands if that’s what is best for you.

Dental emergency costs all depend on what problem you are experiencing and what needs to be done to help fix it!

That being said, our consultation here at Teledentistry.com is covered by most insurance packages including Medicaid, so call us on (702)-710-7417 and let us help you solve your dental problem and work out the cost.

To learn more about our pricing click here.

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