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Emergency Dental Consultation Across New York City

Living in New York City? Then you already know how challenging it can be to find a 24 hour emergency dentist when you need urgent dental care. That’s why we created TeleDentistry.com, to make life easier for you.

Our emergency dentists are based in New York, but your consultation and evaluation can be done in the comfort of your own home. Give us a call today at (866) 525-3001 and get instant access to our team of emergency New York dentists who can prescribe medications and urgent care.

Emergency Dental Services 

In New York, you have a wide range of dental practices and services to choose from. So, why does finding the right 24/7 emergency dentist in New York have to be so difficult? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be anymore. When you call TeleDentistry.com you can instantly connect with an New York emergency dentist near you. 

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Top Dental Emergencies 

Chipped or Broken Teeth

This common dental emergency often happens as the result of eating tough foods or accidents. If you’re suffering from a chipped or broken tooth, don’t worry. While you wait to see your New York City-based 24 hour emergency dentist, it’s recommended that you rinse your mouth with warm water and apply gauze to the bleeding. Then, you should apply a cold compress to the cheek outside your damaged tooth. This can reduce swelling and relieve pain.

  • Toothache

Toothaches are never fun, but usually they don’t indicate a serious issue. However, sometimes a toothache is a sign of a dental emergency that needs urgent care. The only way to know for sure is to get seen by your New York emergency dentist. If you can’t get an appointment right away, there are some steps you can take to manage the pain. The first thing you can do is apply a cold compress to the outside of the aching tooth. This should start to alleviate some pain while you wait to get seen by an emergency dentist.

  • Lost Filling or Crown

A lost filling or crown leaves the affected tooth extremely vulnerable to damage or even infection. If it’s a crown, find it and put it somewhere safe until your appointment with an emergency dentist in New York. You don’t want to wait a long time because the crown is what provides your tooth with protection. 

If you can’t see your New York emergency dentist immediately, there are a couple things you can do to help with pain or sensitivity. The first thing you can do is apply clove oil to the tooth. It is a great way to dull tooth pain. You can also slip the crown back on if you still have it. Just make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of the crown first.

  • Knocked-out Tooth

This common New York dental emergency isn’t usually painful, but it does tend to hurt your smile and self-esteem. If this happens to you, try to find the tooth and pick it up. We recommend that if this occurs, you should gently rinse the tooth to remove visible debris, place the tooth gently back into the socket, then bite down on a gauze until you are able to meet with an emergency dentist in New York City. If you cannot find the tooth and/or are unable or unwilling to place it back into the socket, we recommend you put the tooth into a glass of milk until you are able to meet with a dentist.

  • Broken Orthodontics

Braces are hardworking and must endure constant use, which makes them prone to breaking. Generally, braces are designed to withstand daily chewing, talking and eating, but that doesn’t make them invincible. If your braces are damaged or have wires poking out, you should make an appointment with an emergency 24 hour dentist in NYC. When braces are damaged and/or offset, it can impact their effectiveness. In some cases, it can even cause relapse.

  • Abscess

A dental abscess is an accumulation of pus in the teeth or gums. This is caused by an infection and requires urgent treatment from an emergency dentist in NYC. That’s because dental abscesses will not go away on their own.

If you’re experiencing an intense toothache, redness inside the mouth, have a fever or a swollen jaw, you should see an emergency NYC dentist immediately. Left untreated, an abscess can spread to other areas of the mouth or body.

If an emergency dentist is not available, you can apply a cold compress to the area to alleviate the pain until your appointment.

  • Bleeding and Pain After an Extraction

When you go through an extraction, pain and bleeding is common. However, these symptoms should not persist for more than 8-12 hours. If you’re still experiencing pain and bleeding a day after your extraction, you need to get in touch with a New York-based 24 hour emergency dentist. If post-extraction bleeding is not managed, complications can range from soft tissue hematoma (redness/swelling) to severe blood loss.

While you wait to see your emergency dental care provider in NYC, there are some steps you can take to stop the pain and bleeding. For the bleeding, apply gauze to the wound and bite down for up to an hour. 

For the pain, we recommend ibuprofen and/or a cold compress while you wait to get seen by an emergency dentist in New York city.

Don’t Wait to See an Emergency Dentist 

When dealing with any of these common dental emergencies, it’s always best to act sooner than later. Waiting can lead to additional complications down the road. If you’re trying to find an emergency dentist in New York that’s open 24 hours, give us a call and we can help. Our team is dedicated to providing emergency dental care. All you have to do is call our hotline at (866) 525-3001 and we’ll connect you with one of the best 24 hour emergency dentists in the New York City area.

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